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1. All the posts of cheat meals and glorification of eating like shit and saying it’s OK….does not teach people the element of discipline they will need in their journey. If all they see is cheat meals….then cheat meals will always be on their mind. Not just fat kids love cake. Everyone does. We are all influenced by out peers…which is a lot of people due to social media outreach.

2. The Instagram famous women with Adobe enhanced asses and the guys lifting fake weights making things seem nothing like they really are. And some of the videos and advice that is posted by these so called gurus is complete garbage. Anyone who holds a “contest” with prize money being thousands of dollars….is obviously making way too much money ripping people off. Use some common sense here people.

3. Don’t become a likes and follows whore. You’ll spend most of your time desperately chasing followers that you’ll short change yourself and your progress. Unless you are in fitness as a profession or competition shredded at all times…focus on the task at hand and not how cool you can make yourself look. All you’ll gain is a false sense of accomplishment.

4. Do your research on what a good coach actually does for people. It doesn’t matter as much what the individual can do for themselves, but what they can do for other people. There are elite coaches….and then there are people trying to make a quick buck shoveling out generic information and charging prices so cheap it should automatically throw a red flag to you. All of the little quick tricks and tips are rarely what long term results are made of. Just know you’ve got a long road ahead of you and stay that course. Choose wisely when you are searching for direction.

5. Keep your expectations realistic. The pro bodybuilder selling his chest routine bc that’s how he got so jacked….probably isn’t bc of this specific workout, but bc he’s packing a massive pharmaceutical arsenal behind his advice. You’re welcome to take the route these people do, but if not, you’ll need to set your sails towards something a bit more realistic for you personally.



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